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Whole Foods  vs.
Isolated Vitamins & Minerals

SupremixTM is made from 100% whole food concentrates, herbal extracts, dried herbs and other carefully selected natural ingredients. Our ingredients are either certified organic or herbicide/pesticide free. The raw, whole food materials are harvested and immediately dried in special towers that utilize a proprietary process allowing the produce to be dried in seconds at temperatures below 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This process maintains the nutritional integrity, potency and effectiveness of the active ingredients.

The nutrients in
SupremixTM are completely absorbable because they are concentrated whole food. The vast majority of vitamins sold today are synthetic and isolated from their natural whole food components.

Whole food vitamins and minerals are highly complex structures that combine a variety of enzymes, co-enzymes, antioxidant compounds, trace elements, activators and other co-factors, some known and some undiscovered, all working together synergistically to enable the vitamin/mineral complex to do its job. Isolated or synthetic nutrients are not natural and never found by themselves in nature, especially in high dosages.

Synergy is more important than potency. Separating the group of organic compounds and isolating, then synthesizing one ingredient, changes that compound from an integrated, bio-chemically active nutrient, into an altered chemical with little or no value to living cells; the SYNERGY disappears. It is not the amount, rather the bioavailablity of the nutrient to the cell that is vitally important.

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Synergy is more important than potency

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