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Wheat Grass Juice Powder: The popularity of wheat grass is undeniable. A potent cleanser, wheat grass assists in detoxifying of the lymph system, builds the blood, restores balance in the body, removes toxic metals from the cells, nourishes the kidneys and liver and restores vitality. It is about 25% protein and contains most of the vitamins and minerals required for body maintenance including the hard to find (in the vegetable kingdom) B12. Wheat grass is approximately 70% chlorophyll and possesses about 30 enzymes. Chlorophyll is called “the blood of plants” because it is very similar to the structure of human hemoglobin, which also helps purify and detoxify major body systems (especially the liver, lungs and colon) and it counteracts the growth of harmful bacteria. Wheat grass also helps protect the body from x-rays, radiation therapy and air pollution.

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