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20 is the number of vegetables, greens, rhizomes and peppers that are included in this powerhouse formula. The National Cancer Institute suggests that cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, (rich in sulforaphane) along with other vegetables, may be important in the prevention of some types of cancer. The full array of colors in this blend is a clue to the amount of carotenoids that are present. The phytonutrients here are vast and powerful. Loaded with blood cleansing chlorophyll, lycopene for the eyes and prostate, we can also see virtually every known vitamin and important mineral in their natural state.

carrotsIt is rich in detoxifying enzymes, substances like indole-3-carbinol (which affects the metabolism of estrogen in a way that might protect against breast cancer), flavanoids, coumarins, beta-carotene and a host of mixed carotenoids, allicin from garlic (which along with other sulfur rich compounds called thiosulfinates, have proven to lower blood pressure, decrease platelet aggregation (stickiness), serum triglycerides and the “bad” or LDL cholesterol while increasing the “good” or HDL cholersterol), some 400 known compounds in ginger alone and myristicin from parsley, which activates glutathione-S-transferase, (an enzyme that helps detoxify molecules that can be cancer forming).

According to The National Cancer Institute, Americans are eating slightly MORE vegetables than in the 1990’s but nowhere near the 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables that are now considered the standard for good health. This blend will be a vital component in your daily regimen. Its list of beneficial nutrients is almost endless!

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