Supremix - Supreme Whole Food & Herbal Nutrition
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Supremix - Supreme Whole Food & Herbal Nutrition

tm A supremely delicious blend of Whole Food
Concentrates, Herbal Extracts and
select ingredients

  More fresh whole food concentrates and herbal extracts
     per serving than any other whole food supplement
100 plus organic and pesticide/herbicide free ingredients
Superior processing for peak potency
Fresh produce to powder in seconds
Dried at temperatures below 100 degrees fahrenheit
Maximizes active enzymes and vital nutrients
8 powerful blends in one formula
Cleanses, regenerates, balances pH
Supports Immune System
Supports Cardiovascular system
Supports healthy digestion
Good choice for dieters, diabetics and hypoglycemics
54 plus nutrient dense foods that provide:
42 concentrated fruits and vegetables
4 concentrated (26:1) organic cereal grass juice powders
6 sea vegetables and micro-algae
90 plus naturally occurring antioxidant complexes
100 plus naturally occurring vitamins and minerals
4000 plus naturally occurring phytochemicals
9 select herbal extracts and herbs
8 high potency vegetarian enzymes
22 homeostatic soil based probiotics and 2 prebiotics
76 organically complexed ionic trace minerals

Full Product Overview
Whole Foods vs. Isolated Vitamins & Minerals
Full List of
Supremixtm Ingredients

tm is available for only $39.95 (Plus Shipping & Handling)

Supremix Powder SALE!
SupremixTM Powdered Drink Mix
(315 grams, 30 day supply)
(Plus Priority Mail USPS Shipping & Handling)*
*We do not accept international online orders
*To place an international order, please call 1-800-625-7901


These statements (and product) have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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8 Supremely Delicious and Powerfully Nutritious Blends in One Great Formula

I have used both the Supremix and the Fruiterra for four months now, and they both are the BEST and Greatest tasting supplments I have ever taken.

My clients all test well on these products, and I entend to always include them in my Energetic Testing Program.

I feel more alive by being on the SkyIsland Naturals products--after all,they are ALIVE FOODS..

Roberta Schiller

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