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Supremix - Supreme Whole Food & Herbal Nutrition Until the advent of SupremixTM, never before has so much value been offered in a whole food nutrition product. Delivering over 100 organic and herbicide/pesticide free ingredients, you will receive concentrated whole food nutrition unparalleled in our industry. With 8 supremely delicious blends combined into one powerful formula, SupremixTM provides specially dried “fresh” juice concentrates of fruits, vegetables and cereal grasses. SupremixTM also includes prebiotic fibers, herbal extracts, high potency vegetarian digestive enzymes, soil based and live cell probiotics, organic trace minerals and more in a tasty, easy to mix drink powder or vegetarian capsule form.

We focus on overall systems cleansing, revitalizing, fortifying and strengthening.

RaspberrySupremixTM provides 2,100 ORAC units per serving (assays by Brunswick Laboratories, the premier independent ORAC testing facility). Do not be misled by companies misrepresenting ORAC Value to enhance their claims regarding equivalent “fresh serving” amounts.

The keys to our success lie in offering the highest quality of raw materials and also in our proprietary drying process. Fresh produce is juiced then dried in 30 seconds flat under 100 degrees Fahrenheit resulting in whole food nutrition that is not only concentrated but maintains the absolute highest degree of potency or “lifeforce.” Our drying process renders freeze drying obsolete.

These keys are why we can offer “The finest Whole Food and Herbal Nutrition Products in the industry.” From fruits, vegetables and super green foods, to high fiber prebiotics, adaptogens and antioxidants, SupremixTM delivers what your body needs to keep you moving at the speed of life.

What’s in SupremixTM? (click on the links below for more information)
Fruit Blend
Vegetable Blend
Super Green Food Blend
High Fiber Food and Prebiotic Blend
Antioxidant Blend
Adaptogenic Blend
Immune Blend
Enzyme, Homeostatic Soil Based Probiotic and Fulvic Ionic Trace Mineral Blend

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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“I love Supremix and I use it every day. Supremix is HIGH OCTANE HUMAN FUEL and we add it to recipes we offer in our monthly fliers to customers including healthy pregnancy and healthy kid’s recipes”

Mariana Friedman
Nutrition and Body Care Coordinator
New Leaf
Community Markets
Santa Cruz Calif.


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