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Milk Thistle Extract (Silymarin):  The extract from the seeds of the Milk Thistle, called Silymarin, are some of the most potent liver protecting antioxidant substances known today. The liver is the chief organ of metabolism and regulates carbohydrates, the metabolism of fats and proteins, storage of vitamins and minerals and is the master organ of detoxification processes. It detoxifies all toxins that enter the body. Silymarin is a non toxic extract that offers significant protection to the liver. In human studies, Silymarin has proven to have positive effects in treating liver diseases including cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis. It may increase the liver’s ability to detoxify a broad range of toxins and stimulate the production of new liver cells. Silymarin boosts levels of glutathione, a substance vital to liver detoxification. It can also help control psoriasis. Many skin disorders are caused by the liver being out of balance and toxins releasing through the skin which is our largest organ of elimination.

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