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Larch (arabinogalactan):  Larch arabinogalactin is a natural, novel polysaccharide, a glyconutritional, offering a number of immunological stimulating properties. The clinical benefits of larch have been reviewed and put into practice by a number of doctors and researchers. As a dietary supplement, larch arabinogalactin is sometimes compared to echinacea as AG is considered to be the most potent immune system constituent in echinacea. There are several advantages that AG has versus echinacea, which include concentration and potency, ability to be taken daily on a long term basis and inherent safety (a combination of GRAS, generally regarded as safe status and effective standardization). The compliment system is that part of the immune system that helps provide non specific immunity against common bacterial and viral infections associated with colds and flu. In a side by side study, larch arabinogalactin surpassed results for placebo, echinacea extract and whole herb echinacea groups at modulating plasma properdin levels, a well accepted marker for the compliment immune system and an indicator of advanced activation. This study also showed improved subject physical and emotional well-being following arabinogalactin consumption.

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