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Couple5 high fiber foods include one gram per serving of carrot root, beet root and sweet potato root added to the formula for the fiber and mineral content they bring. The National Cancer Society cites sweet potatoes as an excellent food to aid in the prevention of several types of cancer. The pectin in beets binds toxins, heavy metals and excess hormones that have been dumped into the gut from the liver. This way they are passed out instead of being reabsorbed.

To these three roots we have added a half gram of the prebiotic fiber, Fiberaid AG
tm, a special, soluble fiber from North American Larch trees. It resists digestion by enzymes in the intestinal tract and enters the bowel intact where it is fermented by bacteria to produce short chain fatty acids that lower the colon pH to favor the growth of friendly bacteria.

Also added is a half gram of Nutraflora FOS
tm, a naturally occurring fiber from beets that, when fermented, promotes the growth of friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract such as Bifidobacteria. These two grams per serving of high fiber foods and prebiotic fibers will help insure a healthy and bacterially stable intestinal tract.

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