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Fruiterra - Mega Fruit & Berry Concentrate FruiterraTM is a revolutionary new concept in whole food nutritional supplementation that combines 4 powerhouse, nutritionally dense, exotic fruits and berries from across the globe with 14 North American varieties.

With Noni, Mangosteen, Wolfberry (Goji), and Acai Berry leading the way, FruiterraTM offers a wealth of concentrated whole food nutrition. The Synergistic benefit of taking these whole food concentrates together far outweighs that of consuming them individually.

The correlation between disease processes and free radical toxicity has been clearly established, yet people are not eating the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables required for optimal health.

NoniThe high ORAC values in FruiterraTM will help ensure that your body gets what it needs to prevent premature aging and help ward off disease processes caused by chronic inflammatory conditions brought about by excessive free radical activity and nutritional deficiencies. Don’t be misled by companies using outdated ORAC Value

Organic complexes found in FruiterraTM are not limited to antioxidants. This delicious mixed berry flavored drink is loaded with organic vitamins and minerals, live enzymes and other important compounds that can only be found in concentrated whole food nutrition.

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