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Lemon22 fruits are selected for the special values each of them brings to the mix. Together you will get a rich, natural source of a broad spectrum of organic vitamins and minerals, naturally compounded with all the necessary enzymes and co-factors required for absorption and utilization on a cellular level, just like nature intended. You will get the power of papaya, which contains several unique proteolytic or protein digesting enzymes. These enzymes have proven to reduce inflammation by digesting inflammatory proteins.

Present are citrus fruits, like lemon, which contains phytochemicals like limonoids and monoterpenes that have proven to help protect cells from becoming cancerous.

PlumA full array of antioxidant compounds exists as well. Polyphenolic and flavanoid compounds abound, along with natural fibers like pectins, that will help insure that the daily scourge of free radical activity and other unwanted toxins won’t go unchecked. From anythocyanins and ellagic acid to catechins, from quercetin and vitamin C to lycopene, our fruit blend is loaded with the kinds of nutrients that have a proven positive effect on the cardiovascular system, from the lowering of LDL cholesterol and homocysteine levels, to balancing pH levels and helping fight against degenerative diseases.

According to “The National Cancer Institute,” Americans are eating slightly LESS fruit than in the 1990’s, yet the correlation between antioxidant protection and degenerative disease is becoming clearer every day. Supplementing your daily need for fruits has never been easier!

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