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Blackberry (Rubus furticocus): Blackberries are considered to be astringent because of their high tannin content. Studies show that tannins tighten tissues, lessen minor bleeding, and may help alleviate diarrhea and intestinal inflammation. Blackberries are rich in anthocyanin pigments which are powerful antioxidants. Additional antioxidants in blackberries are vitamins C, and E and ellagic acid, all which may provide protection against cancer and chronic disease. They are also rich in folate (folic acid). Blackberry is a natural source of salicylate, the active substance found in asprin. Blackberry seeds are a source of fiber such as pectin. Minerals in blackberries include calcium, iron and potassium. The nutrients in blackberries support immune health, fight urinary tract infection, birth defects, chronic disease, heart disease, as well as support the circulatory system and liver. They have a high ORAC rating and inhibit four types of cancer causing agents.

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