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6 is the number of extra added antioxidants in this blend. Oxygen has a bright side (we would quickly die without it) and a dark side. It is required for cellular respiration and energy production. Fuel plus oxygen equals energy, the same principle your automobile engine employs to get you down the road. We need energy to fuel our body’s systems.

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But just like your automobile engine, cells produce emissions or toxic wastes. These wastes are byproducts of cellular metabolism and energy production. Free radicals are produced through normal metabolic processes. Although some free radical activity is necessary for proper biochemical electrical requirements, the rampant over abundance of free radicals can wreak havoc on cell membranes and intracellular stability.

Also, other toxins from overcooked foods, excessive sugar intake, rancid fats, environmental pollution, cigarette smoke, pesticides, food additives, household chemicals, drugs, alcohol and chemotherapy (to name a few), are exposed to and interact with oxygen to create what are called reactive oxygen species (ROS) or “free radicals”. Even stress and exercise create them.

There are many types of free radicals, some of which produce arterial plaque when cholesterol is oxidized. Others attack healthy cells and tissues, penetrating cell membranes and doing damage to DNA that can cause cells to mutate or even die. So, oxidative stress is a fact of life and as we age, the need becomes ever more crucial to control these byproducts of cellular metabolism and other toxic substances that can be dangerous when electrons are stolen from oxygen, producing unstable oxygen molecules or Milk Thistle“free radicals”. There can also be a “series of cascading events” that turn free radicals into even more harmful substances if the momentum isn’t halted. Excessive free radical activity is thought to be a leading cause of degenerative disease and aging.

The defense comes in the form of antioxidants. Antioxidants are numerous and abundant both internally (manufactured in the body) and externally in the right kind of foods. Antioxidants (free radical scavengers) come in various forms and from various sources. Some are vitamins, some are minerals, some are amino acids, some are phytochemicals from plants and some are compounded in the liver from these raw materials, like glutathione. Some antioxidants give away the electrons needed to stabilize or neutralize these dangerous oxygen molecules stopping their momentum. Some also recycle other antioxidants and work synergistically to help maintain optimum balance. Others are enzymes (glutathione peroxidase, SOD and reductase) that do repair work, prevent the peroxidation of lipids and decrease many toxins such as smoke, auto exhaust, chemicals, drugs and other carcinogens.

Acerola CherryThe antioxidant blend (as well as other blends) in
SupremixTM is chalk full of powerful antioxidants. Acerola extract is a higher source of organic vitamin C than any other fruit. One hundred fifty constituents have been identified in its concentrate. Its polyphenolic compounds and high vitamin C amounts make it a powerful antioxidant component. Noni is a Polynesian fruit that is well known for its antioxidant potential. Several polysaccharides are thought to be responsible for its activity. In addition to these whole foods, Milk Thistle extract, Green Tea extract, Grape Seed extract and Ginko extract are added for their powerful antioxidant benefits. Each one of these herb extracts was selected to work over a broad spectrum of antioxidant needs. Together with Acerola extract and Noni, these herb extracts provide a powerful line of defense against free radical attack on our healthy cells and tissues.

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