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Alfalfa Leaf Juice Powder

Alfalfa Leaf Juice Powder: Alfalfa is a power packed food full of unbelievable benefits and many health building properties. It has a rich supply of vitamins A ,K, and D. Also calcium, phosphorus, iron potassium and eight essential enzymes. Also, alfalfa is a source of organic trace minerals. It helps assimilate protein, calcium and other nutrients. Alfalfa is beneficial for all disease because of its vitality and nutrient properties. It is rich in detoxifying metabolic enzymes. Alfalfa breaks down toxic carbon dioxide. Its contents are also balanced for complete absorption. Because it contains chlorophyll, alfalfa is an excellent blood purifier and is the richest land source of organic trace minerals. So rich in detoxificants, it helps with recuperation from drug and alcoholic addiction. The metabolic enzymes in alfalfa help neutralize cancerous agents. Alkalinization is a big key to overall vibrant health and grasses are some of the best alkalinizing agents around.

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