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Jeffrey West,
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About Alternative Health Care and Healing Modalities from SkyIsland Naturals

If you’re wondering about Nutritional Supplements and Alternative Healing Modalities, SkyIsland Naturals’ Jeffrey West can explain many aspects of Healthy Aging and Alternative Healing Modalities.

“Healthy aging is a matter of choice. Genetic predispositions do play a part in the aging process but are overstated by medical professionals and drug cartels. If one third of your fate is genetic, two thirds is determined by your lifestyle choices. Positive thinking, caring for your physical, emotional and spiritual needs, a balanced diet, proper rest, lots of clean air and clean water, plenty of exercise, regular visits to alternative health care professionals and a supplement program that consists of whole food and herbal nutrition to support the body and offset toxic overload from the polluted, stressed out world we live in are the keys to healthy aging," Jeff West.

The genesis of SkyIsland Naturals can be traced to the 25 year career in the Natural Food and Nutritional Supplement industries of its founder, Jeffrey West.
He understands the concept of Healthy Aging and Alternative Healing Modalities because of his experience with Alternative Holistic Practicioners and his education in all aspects of nutritional supplements and whole foods, along with a firm grasp on herbology and homeopathy. Jeffrey has played a large part in the evolution of this industry over the past two and a half decades.

Through his involvement as a buyer for the largest corporate retail entities, West has gained his knowledge by interfacing with natural foods manufacturers, scientists who formulate nutritional supplements, herbal product suppliers, nationally renowned holistic MD’s, as well as Master herbalists, homeopaths and product representatives. He has participated in countless hundreds of trainings, seminars, new product reviews and unveilings. Two decades of trade shows have provided West with a solid understanding on what is being brought forward to the health conscious consumer year in and year out. West has even been sought out to select product mixes for entire natural foods stores.

More importantly, Jeffrey has always made his presence felt by staying at store level, dealing with the general public as a buyer and manager of large natural food grocery departments, or more likely, multi million dollar a year nutritional supplement departments for the likes of Bread of Life, Whole Foods and Wild Oats Markets.

By listening to the health concerns of tens of thousands of people, gathering feedback on products and their benefits or lack thereof, West has come to some basic fundamental decisions about nutritional supplements. If they work at all, their benefits are marginal. The most benefit people receive is from products that have their roots in ground, not in the lab. In other words, the best nutritional support comes from Mother Nature in the form of whole foods and herbs.

By locating the finest raw materials provider (with the absolute best “low heat” technology for processing them) in the industry, West was able to launch SkyIsland Naturals LLC. This company is “a dream come true” for Jeffrey, who now can offer “vitally alive” whole food and herbal products that deliver on the promises of the nutritional supplement industry: to offer consumers products that will make up the difference in nutritional deficiencies from the standard American diet (SAD).
At SkyIsland Naturals, our goal is to formulate and market the finest broad spectrum whole food concentrates, food sourced and herbal extracted nutritional supplements. We are determined to build trust by offering better choices with 21st Century nutrition and processing of raw materials that is” state of the art” for the industry.

We are also committed to ongoing education about how to achieve optimum health and vitality. This will be accomplished through our monthly online newsletter.

SkyIsland Naturals was created to take the lead in a growing shift in consciousness surrounding the need for organic, whole food nutrition as a basis for sustaining optimum physical health and a sense of well being. We believe that nutritional deficiencies are a major cause of disease and the acceleration of the aging process.

Our philosophy is built around eliminating nutritional deficiencies by bringing to market products consisting of concentrated whole food nutrition. We also provide natural pharmaceuticals or “nutraceuticals” in the form of standardized herbal extracts and other food sourced organic compounds.

As SkyIsland Naturals looks to the future, we will seek to market products that meet the full spectrum of health concerns including all major systems cleansing, detoxification and nutritional support, specific immune support, essential fatty acids, non toxic cleaning products for your home and energetic balancing systems.

We stand behind our products with a 15 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Details available when ordering or online

The SkyIsland Naturals drying facilities are located within a pristine mountain valley in Southern Utah surrounded by 4,700 acres of certified organic farmland where many of our whole food ingredients are grown.

This fertile land began as a prehistoric lake bed, layered with deep soil created and kept rich by the ash and weathering of ancient volcanoes, mountain runoff and organic matter. This fertile farmland provides some of the most nutrient rich soil on earth; abundant in selenium, precious metals, friendly organisms, fulvic acid, rare earth and vital plant micronutrients necessary for optimal plant growth.

These conditions, combined with the region’s elevation, sunshine, clean air, low humidity, proper crop rotation and continued re-mineralization from the surrounding snow capped mountains produce nutrient dense, organic crops.

Each crop is nurtured and harvested at the peak of nutrition, taken to our onsite processing facilities, where it is juiced and dried to preserve the nutritional integrity of the plant, to produce 100% pure, nutrient rich unpasteurized juice powder. By cutting out the middleman, we are fully integrated, and provide whole food ingredients, processing, packaging and labeling direct to you. Fresh produce from field to you.

SkyIsland Naturals maintains its product superiority through ongoing research and scientific developments to ensure that our products, ingredients and drying process remain the best in the industry.

SkyIsland Naturals understands that a perfect drying process is the key to maintaining the nutritional integrity of the fresh whole foods being dried. Unlike typical drying processes used in the nutritional supplement industry, our proprietary drying process maintains, rather than compromises, the naturally occurring nutritional content in whole foods. This unique and proprietary process preserves the nutritional integrity and life force of the fresh produce being dried, which is essential to health and well being.

Our proprietary process takes newly harvested, fresh-pressed 34F liquid juice to powder within 30 seconds. During this process, the product temperature averages 65F and never exceeds 100F, which is considered phenomenal in the drying industry. All of this is accomplished within hours of harvest! We understand that the moment you separate any fruit or vegetable from its root or vine, the natural nutrients in the food begin to die. The short period of time between harvest and locking the natural life force into a powder form is one of the critical reasons why SkyIsland Naturals’ live whole food products are the most nutritionally dense in the industry today!

This proprietary process ensures that the whole foods found in our Products retains naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, ORAC value, live enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids, phytonutrients, co-factors, synergistic compounds and natural balance intact – just as nature intended! Even the flavor and aroma are preserved. All of this is achieved without pasteurization or the use of any preservatives. The dried ingredients are then blended, packaged, labeled and shipped directly to you! The resulting products provide nutrient dense, whole food powders that are easily broken down, dispersed, digested and assimilated by your body.

This process uses temperatures in the 160 degree Fahrenheit range for a few minutes or more to dry. To make it economically feasible, 4X to 6X concentrates are often used instead of fresh juice. Concentrates are often cooked and stored for lengthy periods before they are used.

This process of sublimation uses temperatures in the 130 degree Fahrenheit (or higher) range at a duration of 12 to 72 hours. Infra-red heat is used and cooked concentrates are often used as well. The frozen product goes to powder, eliminating the “juice” form all together. This process uses frozen, high temperature, vacuumed and often cooked concentrates over long periods of time to achieve the end result.

This process uses a tub of heated water, usually between 160 degrees Fahrenheit and 180 degrees Fahrenheit. A moving plastic belt floats on top of the water. On top of that belt is a thin layer of liquid that is heated by the water. The raw materials move across the top of the water. This process takes up to five minutes to dry.

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“My experience with Supremix has been very positive.  It seems to bring nutritional value on a cellular level that has helped to shift my cravings.  At meal time, I have more will power and discipline to choose foods based on what I know are best for me and not just uncontrollable desire.  As a Dental Hygienist I have counseled many patients on dietary issues.  I have never seen a product like Supremix!  I feel my body has shifted. I see less fat and more tone/muscle.  As a society, our bodies do not get the necessary nutrients and this product helps to balance that issue. I also believe in getting 20-30 minutes a day of work out time. Balance is the Key”.

Holley Johnson, RDH


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